Shipping & Returns


All documents that are ordered are delivered electronically/digitally to your The Document Registry account. To retrieve any document, you must first be logged into The Document Registry with the account you purchased those documents. Downloading of the document will automatically be disabled 10 days after receiving payment. This includes files that require preparation. The document will be made available in both the Documents and Orders section of your profile. 

Any document that requires customization and have a turn-around time will also be made available in the Documents and Order section of your account profile. An email notification will be sent to the email address that is attached to your account when it is made available. 

Note: You only have 20 days after receiving payment to download and store your ordered document onto your local personal storage device. After 20 days the download link will disable. For documents requiring preparation, you only have 20 days after receiving notice that the file has been made available on your account.


All immediate download documents are final sale. No exceptions. 

Any document that requires customization and have a turn-around time may be cancelled only if the customized document has not yet been produced and made available in the Documents section of your profile. To cancel the order, please go to your Orders section of your profile, select the order, and click on return.